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    Anonymous said: do you have a personal tumblr now?


    i don’t, sorry. but i am going to be opening a wordpress account and im a fairly active tweeter - all political/philosophical/theological. 

    i don’t really post personal stuff anymore and i’m rarely ever on tumblr now :)

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    George Carlin - We Like War

    "We can bomb the shit out of your country alright. Especially if your country is full of brown people. Oh we like that job."

    (Source: stopwar.org.uk)

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    The Return of Ben Ali - Tunisia

    A must watch for all.

    In this radical voting campaign, Tunisian NGO Engagement Citoyen erected an enormous poster of ex-dictator Ben Ali in the capital of La Goulette, inspiring shock and anger in passersby. 

    (Source: youtube.com)



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Politics in the past century has housed some of the most controversial and provocative issues that mankind has faced. Here I'm provided with a platform to convey my personal interpretations and opinions on the happenings in the contemporary political climate. I will do so with complete veracity. A new era in global politics is dawning upon us. Uprisings in the Middle East, developing economies in Russia, China, India and Brazil and increasing income and wealth inequalities bring politics to the very forefront of our society. If through this blog i can so much as get one individual to say or do one valiant act I will have achieved my aim.

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